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Hello fellow adventurers and food lovers!!

My name is Alda Karen Cano. I am currently in college on the pursuit to the great career in medicine. You are looking to your future family doctor! (You may contact me in about 5 years, which is when I will hopefully get my MD/DO). Besides being a nerd, I absolutely LOVE to go out and explore! Who doesn’t like to go out and explore their city, their state, their country, their world!! Right? Well right now I am exploring California first. I love to go to museums, hiking, the beach, and Instagram worthy food places. I hope that you may find my blog interesting and informational. Keep in mind that I am a beginner on this whole blogging and little by little my blog will get better. The reason I blog is because I have gone to a lot of places here in Southern California that I thought to myself “hmm, why not share these great places to others who may not know about these places?!” I will be posting about museums, hiking places, hidden gems, beaches, and other must-see attractions here in beautiful California.



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