Marconi Automotive Museum

Attention car lovers and street racers, this is a hidden gem located in Orange County that has from classic cars to race cars from Mustang’s to Ferrari’s.


Marconi automotive museum is not only a museum, but also a foundation for kids and also available as an event venue. This place is free, but $5 donation is strongly recommended. I gave $5 because the cars and motorcycles were incredible. Photos are allowed, however, you may not touch. If you use this place for a private event, they do allow a few cars to be touched and you can even take pictures with yourself inside the car. Imagine yourself seated in a Ferrari, unless you already have experienced that or own a Ferrari, then never mind. I was in awe when I saw how many cars there were inside this small museum. It may seem like a small place, but it sure does have its space.


“The Marconi Automotive Museum is all about style, and class, with a touch of adrenaline.” The museum was purchased by founder, Dick Marconi and opened to the public in 1994. Initially the museum building was purchased to house Marconi’s open wheel race team. Later on, he moved his entire car collection in to the building and the Marconi Automotive Museum was born. They house a collection of high performance street cars and race cars, among which are Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, American muscle cars, some of which are one of a kind. Additionally, there are many famous cars driven by famous drivers. A collection you won’t want to miss.


Dick Marconi founded the Marconi Foundation for Kids because he is a big advocate for children. With his vision in mind they continue to raise money for children organizations such as Olive Crest, Drug Use is Life Abuse, and many many more. The Foundation consists of many things. The staff visit a variety of children’s charities in Orange County.  For them, it is very important to stay engaged with their mission “helping at-risk children in our local community”. So there you have it, the $5 donation goes to help charities and the community.

The only bummer about this place is that it is very popular for the usage for private parties and events. I suggest that before you head to the museum, please visit their website and see their museum tour hours and museum schedule.

They are normally open Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm.

The address is 1302 Industrial Dr, Tustin, CA 92780.

*Do not forget to take out cash so you may make a donation and also please check their website given above to see if they are open to public.





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