Whaley House: “Haunted House of San Diego”

The Whaley House is a world-famous historic house museum.


It has been said that a little girl was killed in the backyard when she ran into a clothesline, however, docents have said that there is no historic documentation nor any other evidence that it ever happened.

There were people hanged in the Whaley house yard though. There were public hangings on these trees before Mr. Whaley bought the property.


Docents who work there have said that the most famous hanging on the property was of Yankee Jim in 1852. It is said that the property is haunted by Yankee Jim which was witnessed by Thomas Whaley. Violet Whaley committed suicide in 1885 and is said that her spirit haunts the house. Both Mr. and Mrs. Whaley are both believed to haunt the house as well as their daughter Violet.


There is no guarantee that you will see ghosts or experience something paranormal, but there have been some people who have seen and felt a presence. In the house, there is a binder full of photos and testimonies of paranormal experiences people have had during their self-tour of the Whaley House.


The tickets are sold at the museum shop which is next to the Whaley House. All tours are self-guided and can last from 30minutes to 1 hour, depending on your pace. Be sure to take a lot of pictures with flash and take your time at each room. You never know if you may experience something.

Admission depends if you go during daytime or evening. They range from $8-$13.

They do offer private after hour tours which happens after 10pm, but you must go to their website for prices and more information about that.

Parking is easy to get to. There are 2 hour parking spaces available.

Have fun at the Whaley House and if you are lucky to experience something or capture something in your camera, please report it to the docents that work at Whaley House. They love to hear your experience and also a copy of the picture of paranormal evidence.

When I entered the Whaley House is experienced nauseous and dizziness. I also experienced some warmness and coldness randomly. I did not think of it as anything paranormal until the docents told me that those are signs of paranormal activity. I wasn’t scared, I was happy that I got to experience it at the Whaley House.

Share your paranormal stories of the Whaley House!


Location: 2476 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110


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