The Broad Museum

What I love about Los Angeles is that most of the museums are free! The Broad museum is a contemporary museum that was opened in September 2015 which offers free general admission. This museum is a new museum here in Los Angeles and is known for many artworks. The museum offers more than 2,000 works of art which consists of postwar and contemporary art worldwide and it has an active program of rotating temporary exhibitions.


There is a gigantic wood dinning table on display and is very popular, so do not forget to take a picture of yourself with the table. You will feel like an ant compared to the size of the table. Definitely Instagram worthy picture!


There is also a big metallic “balloon” dog, which brings back memories when clowns would make balloon dogs at parties and carnival. This is also an Instagram worthy picture!


A must-see is the Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, which is a mirror-lined chamber housing a dazzling and endless LED light display. This room allows maximum of two people at a time for a minute and it does require a separate free timed same-day reservation. You may make reservations as soon as you enter the museums, since not all visitors are able to experience this room due to popularity. I recommend arriving at the museum early before they open so that it is a guarantee that you can experience the mirror room. Believe me, you will not regret the wait! It is very beautiful.


The whole museum offers a lot of amazing pieces of work.


The Broad is free. There are advance free general admission tickets offered, however, they are often booked. There is an on-site standby line at the museum everyday except Mondays, when the museum is closed. The museum hours varies on the day you go. It usually opens from 11am-8pm, but do check their website to get an exact time on when they are open.


Parking is available at The Broad in the garage underneath the museum. The entrance is on 2nd Street between Hope Street and Grand Avenue. Parking for museum visitors with validation from The Broad is $12 for three hours on weekdays, with maximum of $22. Alternate parking is available at the California Plaza by Olive Street for $8 with validation from the museum. Please make sure you received the correct ticket, which is black and white. If it is incorrect, they will not validate. Another alternate parking is at other adjacent parking lots which are around Grand Avenue.

Photography is allowed as long as it is for personal use. Professional photography or photo shoots are not allowed. You are not allowed to touch the art and food and drinks are not allowed in the galleries. It is suggested to no bring large bags, purses or backpacks into the museum, if you do, you will be asked to carry it in front of you where it may be seen by staff and security. Single-wide standard strollers are permitted, but are not allowed on the escalators. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum and talking on your phone is limited to non-gallery spaces at the museum. Children of all ages are welcome to visit the museum, however, those under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


The Broad museum is a must-go museum in Los Angeles. It is free and has amazing artwork that you do not want to miss! You cannot deny something that is free. Sure, parking is not free, but it is worth it! Go explore Los Angeles and all that it offers. Go explore The Broad!

Location:  221 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012


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